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LATEST DORIS NEWS - UK Construction trials Doris "North of the Border"
Kirriemuir Trials

UK Construction conducted field trials in January 2008 comparing Doris to the conventional shot blast system currently used.

A 36" butt weld (left) was specially set up on a Land and Marine site at Kirriemuir in Scotland.

The comparative test was then carried out on site; the test was witnessed by a qualified Senior Pipeline Inspector Stephen Moorhead who prepared a report on the trial.

Once the trial was completed a close out meeting was held to summarise the findings.

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36" Butt Weld at Kirriemuir
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National Grid Operations Performance Development Team trials Doris

This trial assessed The DORIS blast cleaning method (which is self contained as a small & light weight unit) by making a comparison of;

  • transportation,
  • set up,
  • connectivity of separate pieces,
  • using different blast materials ie
  1. Crushed glass on steel pipes,
  2. fine crushed glass on concrete support structures
  3. fine crushed glass & water combination on Graffiti on a Cellette GRP simulated brick kiosk.

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National Grid trial
Above ground pipework Shustoke AGI
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An environmentally friendly, cost effective and non hazardous blast cleaning system.
The Doris System is a reliable and safe solution to sandblasting with all of the following benefits;
  • 100% Dust Free Operation
  • Lightweight
  • User Friendly
  • Quick Setup
  • Environmentally Aware
  • Not subject to the Pressure Directive
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Reduced media usage

The Doris System has been designed and engineered to resolve all the current deficiences of the current pressure pot blasting technology. The Doris System utilises a vacuum system which requires minimal setup time as opposed to current pressure shotblasters.

Due to this design strategy this also enables continuous uninterrupted production giving a massive productivity saveing of over 30%.

Current pressure systems are heavy (circa 350Kgs) and usually need a two man logistics operation. The Doris System weighs only 15Kgs well under the statutory lifting weight of 25Kgs.
Environmentally Resposible

The Doris system has many advantages at a time when Environmental Regulations are becoming more stringent.

  • 100% Dust Free Operation (When used with the in built water injection system)
  • Greatly reduced dust cloud (When used as a dry system)
  • Noise Levels reduced by over 65% as compared to pressure blasters
  • Saves between 28 - 94 Tonnes fo Co2 per annun compared to pressure blasters in the power range of 250-400 cfm
User Friendly
  • Portability the system weighs only 15Kgs
  • One Person Operation
  • Minimal setup time required
  • Less Dangerous (Vacuum Vs Pressure)
  • Single Trigger (Dead Man response is instantaneous and said to be the safest on the market.
  • Easily stowed after use.

report National Grid UK Construction trials Doris "North of the Border"
National Grid UK Construction trials Doris "North of the Border"
report National Grid Operations Performance Development Team trials DORIS
Doris has undergone fields trials with National Grid at their Windsor Street Workshops.
report Carbon Trust Application
Doris System details are being sent to the Carbon Trust.
report Council to use Doris System
Councilers from Pendle Council have given their backing to the Doris System
report G'day Doris
The Doris System will be available shortly through Burlee Products International Pty Ltd.
report Patents
The Doris System has been granted UK and EU Protection.
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